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It's been 30 years since I began my studies of alien constructs with Edwin Steinbrecher and subsequently, in my clients' charts.  I have a new body of information I'll be releasing soon about additional aspects that constitute an alien chart, such as an exact alignment of an outer planet with the descendant or an exact degree opposition between the Sun, the Moon, or the ruler of the Ascendant and one of the outer planets.

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An alien construct occurs when one of the outer planets is near the Sun, the Moon or the ascendant in the birth chart. Outer planets include Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

When the Sun is in the same part of the zodiac as an outer planet, within fifteen degrees, it is called a Power Alien Construct. When the Sun and an outer planet are within fifteen degrees of each other, this is called a conjunction. The Sun conjoins the planet.

When an outer planet conjoins the Moon, it is called a Vessel Alien Construct and the distance apart should be no more than ten degrees. When an outer planet conjoins the Ascendant, it is called an Instrument Alien Construct and the distance apart should be no more than seven degrees, although Edwin Steinbrecher, who coined the term alien construct in his book, Inner Guide Meditation, allowed a fifteen-degree orb. Many astrologers allow a ten to fifteen degree orb.

When a soul chooses a birth date and time that includes an alien construct, he (or she) is allowing himself to be a conduit for that planet's character and expression. As a rule, the outer planets rule impersonal phenomena within an individual's life.

For instance, among other things, Saturn rules time, gravity, cynicism, foundations, logic, higher order, authority, manifestation, lead (the element), law, fame, corporations, government and the physical plane of existence.

Uranus rules atmosphere, irreversible change, the future, earthquakes, electricity, inventions, conceptions, quantum leaps, innovations, events, the Internet, television, radio, break-downs, breakthrough's, chaos, Divine Foolishness, genius, community, politics and the causal plane.

Neptune rules the collective unconscious, addictions, spiritual essence, ghosts, emotions, the dream world, being out-of-body, clouds, the ocean, institutions, music, ideals, film and projected images, iconic images, and the astral plane.

Pluto rules power, the occult, the destruction of everything not built upon truth, research, surgery, shamans, the stock market, transformation, taxes, birth, death, sex, and that which can be seen by only a few.

It takes a very strong soul to embody the power contained in an outer planet and it is therefore presumed that most of the individuals within the alien categories are volunteer souls from other star systems who are here to help humanity make the leap from third-dimensional reality into the upcoming fifth-dimensional reality.  Most alien people are already in fourth-dimensional reality.  Saturnian Aliens manifest easily.  Uranian Aliens channel.  Neptunian Aliens are empaths, telepaths, or psychics. Plutonian Aliens are shamans and assist friends, family and strangers cross over at death. They also help younger aliens learn the ropes of coping with the needs of the alien pattern planet.

Each alien has special abilities. Here are some examples:

Saturnian Power Aliens are able to: manifest from the heart; create sacred forms and altars; turn time backwards or forwards; create successful empires; hear the Earth murmurings and build according to her desires; heal crystals; heal with crystals; heal others' teeth, skeleton, hair and skin; protect humanity from its own foibles; lead humanity into the New Age; recognize false leaders and ego-driven schemes; sustain loyalty to Divine Principle; stabilize a large group; and manifest anything into three-dimensional reality.

Saturnian Vessel Aliens are able to: establish a world family; intuit the strategies or world leaders; manifest protective shields; draw nurturing energy up from the Earth; heal others father-abandonment issues; energetically-assist women in pregnancy; intuit weakness or disease within a corporation; read memories stored in crystals; and create life-extending or life-sustaining rituals.

Saturnian Instrument Aliens are able to: construct beneficial role models for leaders, authorities, and men; identify others' paths; energetically-detect the presence of lead; lead others on a path of success; fight inter-galactic wars; hold sacred space for others' processing or venting; identify which crystals go with whom; change pain and misery into laughter through cynicism; and confront the Dark Side and win.

Uranian Power Aliens are able to: channel high-frequency beings; form a higher-conscious community; connect to future naturally and easily; lift humanity through television or the Internet; invent and innovate; easily access and telepath on the causal plane; sense and sometimes re-situate earthquakes; shift stuck energy; free imprisoned people or animals through prayer; shock others into reality; de-program brainwashed individuals; facilitate leaps of faith; heal through homeopathy and other energetic medicines; engineer fourth-dimension technology; heal through astrology; awaken the sleeping masses; create startling messages that bring about a permanent shift in consciousness (such as a documentary); completely detach from others' drama in a way that enables those caught in the drama to see reality; and inspire hope and faith in the future.

Uranian Vessel Aliens are able to: comprehend the cycles and trends of the futures; safely corral erratic energy or electricity; channel high-frequency beings; receive and transmit messages to the Divine; hold the truth about another person so that that person is able to see himself as whole and completely well mentally or physically; telepath to imprisoned or trapped individuals or animals; shift consciousness of those in denial through stimulating questions; sense the formation of inventions and innovations; offer unconditional love; predict election outcomes; able to communicate with the souls of waiting-to-be-born souls; predict conceptions; and read the minds of teenagers.

Uranian Instrument Aliens are able to: see the future; talk to anyone of any status or station in life; step to the beat of their own drummer; inspire political leadership, use their bodies as an amplifier of energy or as a means of broadcasting information that helps free others who are stuck somehow; lead humanity into the New Age; initiate paradigm shifts, invent and innovate; free others of self-imposed limitations and judgments; raise energetic frequencies; awaken the inner child in another that has been repressed; sort through insanity; express genius; bring about irreversible change; and able to identify priorities in the midst of chaos.

Neptunian Power Aliens are able to: ascend; be mystical; dance the sacred dance; create world peace through visualization or film production; create music and/or art that generate unconditional love; telepath; able to talk to the dead; easily access the astral plane; easily access other dimensions; heal addictions; assist the dying in crossing over; sense the desires, dreams, delusions, and addictions of the masses; heal using reflexology, seaweed, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and essential oils.

Neptunian Vessel Aliens are able to: read others' minds and auras; hypnotize others; read psychically; deeply empathize; communicate with marine life; read clairvoyantly; dance with devas; communicate with the spirit essence of essential oils; communicate with the fairy kingdom; interpret dreams; cloak themselves in invisibility; read others' souls and see their greatest potential; conjure illusions and fantasies; and assist the dying in crossing over.

Neptunian Instrument Aliens are able to: reflect the inherent god and goddess within each human being; disconnect negative cords from chakras of others; expertly lead meditation, lead others in a sacred dance; visualization, and yoga; identify which essential oil goes with which individual; assist the dying in crossing over; transform the energy of gravity; inspire movie makers, musicians and artists (a muse); identify others' soul mates; create an energetic decoy to distract and mislead an enemy; project invisibility onto another; and use a divining rod to locate water or petroleum.

Plutonian Power Aliens are able to: destroy that which is not built upon truth; understand the true nature of birth, sex, death and power; generate energy and power; levitate; integrate polarities; perform psychic surgery; see beneath solid surfaces; shape-shift into animals, minerals or plants; heal utilizing sex, magnets or lasers;  perform an exorcism; scan the astral plane and find lost objects and people; read the Akashic records; rejuvenate as a Phoenix would; and clear or destroy negativity

Plutonian Vessel Aliens are able to: sense negativity; discover others' secrets; communicate with snakes and eagles; protect others from IRS audits; correct mistaken historical data or set history straight through their psychic visions or research based on a deeper knowing of truth; magnetize lost family members in body or out to return; reflect power back to others so that they can own it.

Plutonian Instrument Aliens are able to: make themselves weigh more; appear as an animal; identify enemies; confront with true courage and fearlessness;  magnetize objects; cause others to see what is occurring on deeper levels.

The Aliens can also suffer physical maladies due to unexpressed energy of the alien construct. This typically shows up as dental problems for Saturnian aliens, seizures for Uranian aliens, alcoholism for Neptunian aliens; and immune system disorders for Plutonian aliens.

If you are a Saturnian Alien, your life will probably flow a lot easier if you get regular chiropractic or osteopathic adjustments.  You also need help balancing calcium in your body and should check into whether or not you need more magnesium and silica. Dental work has much more impact upon you than non-Saturnian Aliens, so find a dentist that really understands your specific needs who uses bio-compatible materials.  You may want to take Arnica, a homeopathic remedy, after any dental work.

Gems and Crystals for Aliens

Alien people need to keep Selenite by their bedside, on their window sills, and in their pockets or bras to flush out all the intense energies they attract.  A Selenite pendant or ring is a good idea.

Saturnian Aliens

All of the Aliens have a special relationship to the crystal kingdom, but especially Saturnian Aliens as they rule structure and form.  There are many crystals that will be of particular assistance to you.  Nuummite is an invaluable manifestation tool in your hands. Jet will help you calm your emotions and negate your anxieties and onyx will help you let go of negative thoughts.  Blue Line Jasper, Autumn Leaf Jasper and Red Stone Canyon Agate will help you make wise decisions.  Apache Jasper, Aqua Aura, Dragon Blood Jasper, Larimar, Malachite, Phosphosiderate, Red Agate, Red Tiger's Eye, Tiger Iron, and Watermelon Tourmaline are your business and money stones.  And for meditation, hold Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, or Seriphos.  Himalayan Sea Salt is also highly beneficial, whether used as a salt lamp or as a seasoning.  Carry Astrophyllite, Fulgurite, or Ruby Fuschite when you travel.  

Uranian Aliens

Uranian Aliens do well to work with Aragonite, Septarian Nodule (Dragon Stone), Rhodonite and Blue Sapphire.  Aragonite frees them from stuck patterns or oppressive people and situations.  Septarian Nodule keeps their brain in peak condition.  Rhodonite enables meditation and channeling. Blue sapphire helps connect mind, body and spirit with clarity.  Garnet and Tsavorite help you with quick decisions.  Carry African Yellow Turquoise, Black Onyx, Blue Lace Agate, Orbicular Jasper (aka Ocean Jasper or Sea Jasper), or Rainbow Agate when you travel.

Neptunian Aliens

Neptunian Aliens benefit from elixirs made from Jade, Tourmaline and Turquoise.  Neptunian Vessels (Neptune conjunct the Moon) need Blue Moonstone to calm worry and aid digestion.  Green Zebra Jasper, Laguna Lace Agate, Poppy Jasper and Tiger's Eye help you stay out of denial and empower your visualizations.

Plutonian Aliens

Plutonian Aliens in general need Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Carnelian, and Rubies.  Serpentine, Yellow Eye Agate, and Zebra Agate help you to release what's no longer needed.

We would be happy to sell you the right crystal, hand-selected according to the needs of your astrological chart: 818-340-4099 or

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