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The New Energy Psychology Method:
The Perfect Complement to Hypnotherapy

by Gayle North, Positive Change Coach of Success Strategies in Bigfork, Montana

This article is dedicated to Dr. Stephanie Jourdan , my beautiful loving teacher who has encouraged me to develop my skills and intuition and has been a wonderful model for me as I move deeper into my work receiving more and more joy and satisfaction from it.

After completing all of the courses with Stephanie in 1997, I certified in NLP, and Joy of Learning. I always want to learn more about anything that might help me get faster, more lasting results. In the last two years, I have been combining hypnotherapy with EFT, BSFF bringing the success rate to close to 100%. You may already be familiar with these acronyms. if not, stand by and get ready for an overview of these fascinating positive change tools.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) are science fiction level empowerment technologies that allow us take people into a light trance state to "de fragment" past experience. These methods allow us to "clear the slate", so to speak. Using these methods, we release old emotional patterns so that our guided hypnotherapy takes full effect without resistance.

In the past, I noticed that hypnosis would change unwanted behaviors and thought patterns and then some clients seemed to regress back to the old pattern over time. My theory is that we were trying to override the old pattern with a new more desirable one.

When we clear emotional resonance with past experience using EFT, BSFF, TAT, etc, we do not have to "override old patterns." They are already released and the client"s whole being is now ready for the positive change.

My first introduction to the field of Energy Psychology was a course taught by Don Blackerby: "The Joy of Learning," two years ago. Dr. Blackerby introduced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a fast and easy way to help students get over the emotional wounds from past traumas that keep them stuck in old limiting beliefs about themselves or keep them distracted and unable to focus on learning. The students I worked with during the course had instant results.

Just before I left for Oklahoma City to take the two week course, my husband announced that he wanted a divorce. While I was there, I received phone messages from him that upset me at a 10 level on a scale of 1 to10. Without the help of a couple from Texas who were both hypnotherapists and experts with EFT, I would not have been able to concentrate and I would probably have left. Each time I experienced a new upset, these wonderful therapists assisted me in clearing the upset and I completed the course. EFT was the main tool I used to get through the challenges related to the divorce. It made it possible for me to remain calm and resourceful enough to work during the divorce process.

When I returned to my practice, I began to use EFT with my clients.

The Background

Most of the of the new energy psychology methods are based upon the work of Dr Roger Callahan. Dr. Callahan had been working with a client who had a phobia of water. When Dr. Callahan began working with this woman, she could not be in the vicinity of a pool or the ocean. Later, when she could tolerate being closer to water, she came to his home in Malibu so they could work beside his swimming pool.

Dr. Callahan had been taking an applied kinesiology course. One day while working with the client, he was impressed to tap lightly under the eye as they focused upon her fear. She immediately exclaimed that "it," the fear, was all gone and she ran for the pool and got in to demonstrate to Dr. Callahan that she was now comfortable in the water. This experience led to more experimentation and research and Dr. Callahan discovered that tapping the body in specific places while focusing on the presenting problem seemed to release the problem. Dr. Callahan had discovered what he later named "Thought Field Therapy." He developed many algorithms of tapping designed to release old patterns of fear, self doubt, post traumatic stress syndrome ? even stress related physical symptoms like headaches, etc.

Of course, Dr. Callahan was initially ostracized from his professional associations, as innovators in the healing professions often are, but he began teaching his methods to others and several spin-offs of Thought Field Therapy came on to the scene. In my experience, these new energy methods are the perfect compliment to hypnotherapy.

Psychological Reversal (PR)

Dr. Callahan conceived Psychological Reversal which refers to a resistant state of energy or state of the subconscious mind that causes a person to relapse, sabotage the self or resist any form of treatment, change, or progress. The theory is that when we are in a state of Psychological Reversal, no treatment will work no matter how hard we try, how good the practitioner is, or how willing we think we are to make changes.

EFT and BSFF techniques correct Psychological Reversal so that the entire being can come into alignment with the healing process. After correcting the PR, one is also more motivated to stay on a healing program that might include other changes necessary for that individual to realize the outcome they desire ? this might include diet, exercise, meditation, etc.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed by Gary Craig, who is not a therapist at all, but an engineer by education who studied with Dr Callahan. Gary Craig streamlined the many Callahan algorithms into one simple all-purpose universal algorithm that includes tapping on every energy meridian. It seems to be just as effective as the more complicated protocols of Dr. Callahan. You can learn EFT from CDs and DVDs available at

The theory behind EFT is that old negative patterns of emotional response and behaviors get stuck in the energy system of the body in the meridians. By tapping on the meridians while focusing on the problem, the block, or stuckness is removed and the pattern is released.

One of the first clients I used EFT with had a problem with alcohol. He had worked with me for several sessions to clear some old childhood emotional issues and one day announced that he was ready to focus on the drinking problem. His wife of twenty plus years had already left him because of it. He is a contractor and told me that his cravings were the strongest after work. He carried an ice chest full of beer in his truck and looked forward to opening an ice cold beer (or several) to relax after a hard day.

I suggested that he bring his cooler with five of his favorite kinds of beer, to my office for his next session. He was there at 4:30 and we began an experiment using EFT. I poured one of the beers in a cup and had Bob smell it. I asked him to tell me how much he wanted to drink it on a scale of 0 to10. He said his desire was at a "9+." We did the EFT tapping routine and with each round of tapping his desire came down until after four or five rounds, his desire was below zero and he said that the beer actually smelled awful to him. He told me I could pour it out. I was intrigued with the quick change from a" 9+" to a "0." I poured the second brand of beer in a cup and asked Bob to smell it notice the level of his desire to drink it. It was about a "5". We tapped a few rounds and got the same results. I opened the third brand of beer. This time his desire was at about a "2." We tapped again and the same thing happened. I opened the fourth brand of beer. This time his desire was very low. He said that he could take or leave it and the desire was at about a "1."

Now I was getting excited - like a scientist on the brink of a new discovery. This seemed to be an instant craving buster! We tapped again and the same thing happened. When I picked up the fifth brand of beer to open it, Bob told me not to open it. He said it would be a waste of a beer since he could not stand the thought of even smelling it. Bob quit drinking that day and began going to AA meetings and tapping for his cravings when they came up. We continued to clear other issues that caused the anxieties that made him want to use alcohol.

The EFT gave Bob the impetus he needed to get disassociated from his cravings for alcohol. EFT works in the same way with other cravings for cigarettes, chocolate, overeating, etc. I call EFT "the craving buster" and teach it to all of my clients. I now give them all homework to do between sessions. They are asked to "tap" on various aspects of their specific issues and to do the PR correction daily until the new patterns become natural.

Basic EFT is easy to learn and with experience one can become an artist with it. EFT is also effective in group settings.


BSFF (Be Set Free Fast) is another method that spun off from Thought Field Therapy by Dr Callahan. BSFF was developed by Dr. Larry Nims, a psychologist for over 30 years who also happens to be a fundamental Christian minister. Dr. Nims latest protocol, Instant BSFF, simplifies Thought Field Therapy even further by eliminating most of the tapping and relying on the power of the subconscious mind to eliminate problems. Find out more about BSFF at

BSFF has some advantages in that it can be done silently while one is in public or in any situation where emotional clearing is needed and taping would be inappropriate. It is truly science fiction problem solving from my perspective. To get started with BSFF, we give two pages of instructions to the subconscious mind telling it how we want it to handle any problem we focus on. The client chooses a cue word or phrase which will become the cue for the subconscious mind to eliminate any problem we notice and intend to eliminate.

Instruct my clients to remain quiet after giving their cue and to notice what comes to them in the form of recollections or memories, body sensations, words, thoughts, etc. Sometimes the problem is immediately eliminated and sometimes the client will recall a past experience related to the problem and we treat for all negative patterns created by that experience. Sometimes there are several memories, feelings, etc related to the problem and we treat all of them.

Clients describe a variety experiences during the process like sensing a wave action as if they were near the ocean or in a forest of trees swaying in the breeze. Sometimes they describe pulsing color or light, or see flowers, butterflies and other creatures. Sometimes they describe cartoon or other characters that come into their consciousness with messages. Anger toward others and self is treated and then a forgiveness process completes the BSFF protocol.

I remain constantly fascinated with my own experience as my clients share personal images and impressions with me. I am in awe and deeply appreciate the emerging of these tools. The only problem with EFT and BSFF is that the results are sometimes so fast and produce such permanent and thorough results that it is beyond the belief system of most people. It is okay for people to remain skeptical about the methods and we treat for the all the personal doubts related to being able to change, etc.

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) is another new method that releases allergies, trauma, fear, etc. More information is available at

I use all of these methods in combination with hypnotherapy and the combination has increased my effectiveness beyond anything I would have thought possible in the past. I encourage you to check out all of these methods and order the video tapes for learning them. Find additional resources at , , ,

If you would like to experience any of these methods to resolve your own personal issues, feel free to call me for a phone session. These methods are just as effective on the phone as in person.

Gayle North is a Positive Change Coach using new empowerment technologies that make it easier than ever before to be slim, be free of addictions, adopt a more joyous self image, have freedom from worry/grief, improve performance in school, sports, relationships, etc. Call Success Strategies in Bigfork, MT. (406) 837-1214 for individual coaching in person or by phone. e-mail read articles at .EFT


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