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Imagine that you are dozing in a clean, dry sweet-smelling pasture. A tree provides sufficient shade and a cool breeze makes the warm day pleasant. Birds are singing. The grass is soft. Off in the distance you hear sounds of laughter coming from the town square. You get up to go check it out.

The center of town is now in sight and so is an enormous hot air balloon that everyone is very excited about. As you come closer, you notice that the balloon has been decorated to reflect your personality on one side and your life dreams on the other side.

A friend spots you approaching and leads a cheer. The townspeople rush over to you and hoist you to their shoulders. You are then carried to the balloon like a football hero. Gently, they help you to step inside the balloon. You notice that there is only space for you and the pilot. On cue, he arrives, gets in, and now you should give him a thumbs up signal for takeoff.

Now the ropes are being cut and your balloon floats upward revealing a panoramic view of the center of town and the park.

After a few minutes, the balloon seems to be hovering at the same height and the townsfolk are chanting, let a bag go!

Puzzled, you look over at the pilot. He points to one of the many bags loosely tethered to the inside of the basket. As you stoop down to pick up this large sandbag, you notice a word imprinted on its side: REGRET.

Lifting the sandbag all the way up to chest height, you hold it close to you and know that it is time to appreciate that its your mistakes and failures that have brought you this far in life. Without them, achievement would have been nothing more than dumb luck. The more you consider that all of your wisdom has come from your mistakes and failures, the better you feel about the choices that you have made along the way. After all, it took Edison more than 600 failures to get the light bulb to work.

The pilot hands you a pocket knife. You cut the tethers and pitch the sandbag over. The crowd cheers. The hot air balloon can now float up freely.

Take a deep breath and feel the lightness within. Look around and take in the view. When you are ready, move to the other side of the basket and stoop down to lift another, heavier sandbag labeled resentment. Hold it up on the ledge of the basket. Now lay your head on the bag and allow yourself to think about all the people in your life who have hurt you and the related pain that you have been carrying around. Ready? Push it off and watch it burst on the ground.

The balloon sails across the valley ... the lake is now in sight. There are only two bags left. You can go higher and feel even more free if you let them go. You move towards another bag. It appears to be very heavy, as though it is full of sand and lead. You wonder how the balloon every took off with all this weight. The pilot comes over to assist you. Together you lift it and rest it on the ledge. IN dark, scribbled letters you read the words GUILT AND SHAME. No wonder it is so heavy. Ask yourself, ?has anything positive ever come from feeling guilty or ashamed?? Let your subconscious mind give you a word that will allow you to understand how you have been helped by guilt and shame. Nod when you know.

Now ask your subconscious mind why you needed to accomplish what you accomplished with guilt and shame in that manner. Are those factors still present in your life? If not, what is another way you could accomplish the same objective that the guilt and shame accomplished? Would that be acceptable to you? Great, throw the bag over.

Only one bag to go. You can read the letters from here: F-E-A-R. Of course, it would be the last bag. The pilot informs you that the balloon will really fly high if you can dump this one. Approach the sandbag. It is surprisingly light. You toss it over and feel a sense of light-headedness. Thoughts of what it would be like to lead your life as a fearless person consume your attention. Imagine all the ways your life could be different if you had no fear. The balloon is above the clouds now. You have done it.

When you are ready, slowly count backwards from ten to one. This will take you deeper and deeper. Give yourself a suggestion that you will enjoy your party as you speak further to your subconscious. Tell yourself that these releases are long lasting and permanent. Now tell yourself that you will awaken feeling lighter and more and more self-confident every day. Count forwards from one to five, knowing that at five you will open your eyes, feeling really good and refreshed.

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