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As the name implies, I am going to create the illusion of slipping a glove or a stocking onto your hand or foot. This glove or stocking gives your hand or foot a thick insulation from any feeling as it protects and numbs it. I will then create the illusion of injecting Novocaine into your hand (or foot). You can then acknowledge that you have learned to self-anesthetize by opening your eyes and seeing a mark that I have left on his skin by a fingernail pinch that I have rendered. You then close your eyes as I guide you into an experience of transmitting the feeling of numbness into any other body part(s) that need pain relief. I will then offer your suggestions as to how long the numbness will last and then I will bring you out of the trance.

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Glove and stocking anesthesia are medical hypnotherapeutic procedures to be rendered by a hypnotherapist as an adjunct therapy. Law mandates that I, the hypnotherapist, procure a medical referral for its practice for the purpose of pain management. The referral should be in the form of a prescription written specifically to me from a licensed medical practitioner, naming you as the patient, the diagnosis, the frequency, and duration of treatment, i.e., medical hypnotherapy for Sally Armstrong for lower back pain, twice a week for three months. A copy of this prescription will be kept on file for five years post-treatment.

Glove anesthesia can be used to specifically numb the hand for purposes of surgery to the hand or pricking the hand to draw blood for insulin monitoring or chronic pain due to an injury, such as from a burn or tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Beyond the locale of the hand, glove anesthesia can be used as a numbing device. One hand is made numb, which then holds the other hand, making it numb as well. You are then able to numb other parts of your body by touching those parts of the body with your hands.

Stocking anesthesia is used to specifically numb the foot and/or ankle for purposes of surgery to the foot or ankle or for chronic pain being experienced due to an injury. It is useful for reducing the pain and discomfort from surgery to the ankle or foot or conditions of tendonitis, bursitis, heel spurs, sprains, hammer toes, bunions, in-grown toenails, severe blisters, and burns. Stocking anesthesia can be a God-send for athletes, especially during times of competition, enabling them to continue their pursuits once their feet have been medically addressed without the slowed-down side effects of chemical analgesics, i.e., too much Advil.




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