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To paraphrase the late, great father of modern-day hypnosis, Milton Erickson, your conscious mind is smart, but your subconscious mind is a whole lot smarter!  Tap into that 88% of your brain through HAL!  HAL is Hypnotic Accelerated Learning � an easy, natural learning system that helps you learn five times faster and retrain what you learn for years to come.  Opens up more of your gray matter and keeps your thinking functions clear and present.  Great at any age.  Works on the same principles as my friend Don Campbell�s The Mozart Effect.  We learn best when our bodies and minds are relaxed, especially when we learn new material in small phrases while listening to high-frequency, low decibel music at around 60 beats per minute.  Baroque string music and a lot of New Age string music is perfect.

I first learned about accelerated learning in my pursuits to develop more psychic ability and some photographic memory in 1984.  It has been life changing.  And once you learn the system, it�s yours to use for the rest of your life for whatever topic you want to memorize.  Great for actors and students.  I have taught HAL to medical and law students with great results.  Works really well for committing a list of qualities to long-term memory, such as anatomy, laws, herbs, remedies, crystals, essential oils, lines of a script, and in this case, tarot cards!

You can learn the HAL system and all the tarot cards in five relaxing, enjoyable classes, that you can play anywhere, even in the car.  

The first class is longer as you�ll learn the system by following a step-by-step hand-out and then you�ll experience your first HAL session as you learn the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.  Each subsequent lesson is a successive HAL session covering each of the suits of the Minor Arcana.  The first class is $35 and the following four classes are $20 each, plus $5 shipping and 9.75% applicable sales tax for California residents. 

The system is the perfect combination of physical relaxation, intuitive enhancement, deep breathing, powerful imagery and affirmations.  It feels great � and ultimately, isn�t that what life is all about? 

Whether you just want to be an expert at the tarot or you want to keep your brain fully-alive for the rest of your life, you will thoroughly enjoy these home-study classes. 



Beginner's Course

This course is for both lay interest and professional training. Tarot is an ancient system of images designed to teach an initiate the path to enlightenment through developed powers of observation, concentration, imagination, and application. This occurs naturally through brief meditations upon the cards and study of their dynamics. Students learn the symbolism of color, numbers, nature and astrological symbols as they appear throughout the deck. Every class introduces either an evolutionary or polarity theme revealed by related pairs of tarot cards in the form of mythic stories with a focus on masculine mythology.

Intermediate Class

Dr. Jourdan launches the course with a review of the evolutionary themes throughout the Major Arcana. This allows experienced students who haven't taken her Beginner's Course to refresh their familiarity and knowledge. Students learn a powerful technique for invoking interaction with repressed archetypes with a focus on feminine mythology.

Advanced Class

The Minor Arcana is specifically addressed and Dr. Jourdan teaches her own personal tarot spreads, as well as classic spreads such as the Celtic square. The Rider-Waite deck is the required deck for the class. All other materials are supplied.

"Every once in a while you stumble upon someone who is gifted. Every so often their talent outweighs their spirit. Once in a lifetime you meet a person who is gifted, talented, with a great spirit, who just happens to be a really terrific human being! Thank you for enriching my life in so many ways."

KC McGuinness, Owner
Mystic Celt Creations
Northridge, CA

'Stephanie's journey through the tarot is not only a course where you learn about the cards, but suddenly your studies become a deeper insight into life. The knowledge and wisdom that she extends begins to pop up in everything around you ... your life and the people in it become a little bit clearer.?

Krysti Carrelli
Westlake Village, CA


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