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Sheri Buron, B.A., Tarot Reader $180 per hour.

“Sheri has displayed psychic abilities since childhood and is especially gifted in pulling tarot cards,” Stephanie Jourdan.

Send your tarot questions in the form of “what is the outcome of _______.” For instance, if you are inquiring about a new job, you could write: “What is the outcome of pursuing a new position with the ABC Company.” If about love, “What is the outcome of a relationship with Leslie.” For questions about a relationship, you can also ask, “Who is Leslie to me?” or “Who am I to Leslie?”

Sheri will ask her higher self to align with your higher self to guide her in pulling the cards that will best help you in knowing these outcomes according to where you are now on your evolutionary path. Then she will send you the names of the cards and the correlative interpretations by email.


“Sheri, you just blew my mind!!! You are very, very good. You are truly gifted in this art!”
M. Johnson, Woodland Hills, CA


I contacted Sheri after I came across the Higher Self Communications website online. I was grappling with a lot of questions about my future. Primarily related to finding a life partner. I was also in a sad state of mind having dealt with a dating disappointment just prior to contacting Sheri. Sheri pulled tarot cards to find answers to some of the questions I had. I was very satisfied with the whole process. Sheri was professional and efficient with time, while also bringing empathy and thoughtfulness to the interaction. She put me at ease ensuring I could ask any question without hesitation. I feel that she is a great listener and has attention to detail. The interaction has put me in a positive frame of mind.  It has given me the encouragement to move forward which truly means a lot. I highly recommend using Sheri’s services. “


“I am happy to give you a testimonial!  The cards you drew for me were such a perfect fit for my questions I was kind of shocked.  I have had a lot of tarot readings, but this was different.  Each card was so obviously connected to the question, they explained themselves.  Of course you gave me great input to consider.  And that was without you really knowing that much about the situation.”
Gloria Nelson, La Mesa, CA


Contact her at SheriSalmanson@gmail.com

Call her at 818-340-4099