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Astrology Reading
Astrology Reading
Astrology Reading
Astrology Reading

An astrological chart is a map of self discovery…

Your natal chart is a representation of where the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and planets were in relationship to the Earth specific to your city of birth at the minute you were born.

The center of the chart represents the Earth. The chart is calculated for the latitude and longitude of your place of birth so that the degree of the zodiac at the exact time of your birth is aligned with the eastern horizon.

As an astrologer, I am most interested in where the Sun, the Moon and the planets were when you were born and the relationships between them. The relationships are determined by the number of degrees between the luminaries and planets, but the more dynamic aspects are 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 degrees.

For instance, a relationship of 180 degrees between two planets means those two planets were exactly opposite each other.  The astrologer studies the chart and relates to you how your life is affected by this opposition and what you can do to bring harmony and balance to the affected areas of your life.

The fee for a reading is $480 per sixty minutes and is pro-rated accordingly for sessions under or over an hour.  Here is a link to some info you might want to read before your reading: Answers to Questions

Where you are on your birthday impacts the whole year that follows.  I can run your solar return chart for your upcoming birthday and let you know where you need to be for optimal success, health, wealth or love!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide Astrology Dictionary by Arlene Tognetti and Stephanie Jourdan is available here. All copies sold through our gift shop can be personally inscribed.  More than a list of terms, each entry gives you an example of how it applies to your chart.

If you are a hypnotherapist, check out Aromatherapy for the Hypnotherapist, a guide on how to use essential oils for self-confidence, hypnotic regression, birthing, passing exams and archetypal therapy by Stephanie Jourdan, PhD.  Order through the gift shop.

And if you want to memorize the glyphs or symbols for all of the planets and signs in astrology, this is an easy way to do it: the Astrological Symbols Practice Pad. Order here. 

If you are on Facebook, you can find my astrological predictions at https://www.facebook.com/astrologylover .

I also have some videos on my YouTube channel that make it easy to learn about the astrological characteristics of the planets and crystals.  I made them some years ago and recently uploaded them.  The information is good, but they need more diversity.

Here is the one on the Sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISk0IeU9UjE&t=18s

Here is the one on the Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ9bnsFvV0k&t=32s

Here is the one on Venus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xktha-dN2tQ&t=2s

Here is the one on Mars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToTgrBZBShA&t=17s

Here is the one on Jupiter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at497MLVjjc&t=32s

Here is the one on Neptune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7mFeX6KjM8

About Shanti Jourdan

Shanti Jourdan, Archetypal Astrologer, $150 for 50 minutes ($3 per minute).

Shanti Jourdan (they/them/theirs) is a gender queer astrologer who views astrology within a non-binary and archetypal context.

Their practice is one of guided self-discovery: an individual’s natal chart becomes the guiding light toward inspired living. The astrology reading is ultimately a return to one’s own sacred experience of love from within.

Shanti had the magical experience of growing up with astrology and archetypal mythology intertwined in daily life through her mom, Stephanie Jourdan, PhD.

This lifelong relationship with the zodiac gives a unique quality to Shanti’s readings, the elements of a chart are as familiar as childhood friends, and so each session can easily flow from practical to whimsical with profound truths interspersed throughout.

Nicknamed “the voice of reason” by too many for it to be a coincidence, Shanti is the astrologer you come to when you seek deeper understanding for recurring life cycles, to know your own truth, and to clarify your path forward.

Shanti Jourdan currently practices in Ohlone land, colonially known as Oakland, CA.

They are available for astrology readings via phone or Zoom video call Tuesday through Thursday at the following times: 10am, 12 noon, 5pm and 6pm, Pacific Time.

Readings are $150 for 50 minutes with the option for follow-up questions via email at $3/minute.  Readings are recorded, but not guaranteed.  You may want to take notes or record on your phone.

About Savannah Jourdan

Savannah Jourdan, Certified Archetypal Therapist, $240 per hour ($4 per minute).

Savannah uses the cave imagery created by the late Edwin Steinbrecher as a map into the psyche.  Upon entering the psyche through a visualization that Savannah describes to you, you respond out loud with images, feelings or thoughts that come to you.  As the process unfolds, you meet the luminaries and planets as they live within you.  This is a Jungian technique that unfolds slowly, sometimes awkwardly, but most profoundly.

About Sheri Buron

Sheri Buron, B.A., Tarot Reader $180 per hour.

“Sheri has displayed psychic abilities since childhood and is especially gifted in pulling tarot cards,” Stephanie Jourdan. Send your tarot questions in the form of “what is the outcome of _______. ” For instance, if you are inquiring about a new job, you could write: “what is the outcome of pursuing a new position with the ABC Company.”