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Astrology Reading
Astrology Reading

An astrological chart is a map of self discovery…

Your natal chart is a representation of where the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and planets were in relationship to the Earth specific to your city of birth. The center of the chart represents the Earth. The chart is calculated for the latitude and longitude of your place of birth so that the degree of the zodiac at the exact time of your birth is aligned with the eastern horizon. An astrologer is most interested in where the Sun, the Moon and the planets were when you were born and the relationships between all of them. The relationships are determined by the number of degrees between the luminaries and planets. For instance, a relationship of 180 degrees between two planets means those two planets were exactly opposite each other. The astrologer studies the chart and relates to you how your life is affected by this opposition and what you can do to bring harmony and balance to the affected areas of your life.

The fee for a private session is $380 per hour and is pro-rated accordingly for sessions under or over an hour. Important info to read before your session: Answers to Questions

Where you are on your birthday impacts the whole year that follows. Stephanie can run your solar return chart for your upcoming birthday and let you know where you need to be for optimal success, health, wealth or love!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide Astrology Dictionary by Arlene Tognetti and Stephanie Jourdan is available here. All copies sold through our gift shop can be personally inscribed. More than a list of terms, each entry gives you an example of how it applies to your chart.


About Sheri Buron

Sheri Buron

Sheri Buron, B.A., Tarot Reader $120 per hour.

“Sheri has displayed psychic abilities since childhood and is especially gifted in pulling tarot cards,” Stephanie Jourdan. Send your tarot questions in the form of “what is the outcome of _______. ” For instance, if you are inquiring about a new job, you could write: “what is the outcome of pursuing a new position with the ABC Company.”